Pickwiz New Requests

Requested by Paula at North Manchester General Hospital, Gallery Restaurant.

Another backbone of the hospital, in my view, and since I use the Gallery every day, I thought they would deserve mentioning.

The post room at North Manchester General Hospital is the backbone of the hospital, in my view, so I thought a mention would be in order.

Motown Request time for Jo and Clare at North Manchester General Hospital – Audiology Department, Outpatients B, who are Amazing Ladies – The Supremes – Stoned Love

Lisa wants to wish Elise Winfield in Milnrow, a very happy birthday for today, 02/03/2021 have a lovely time and enjoy your day, lots of love from Lisa, Natasha & Bradley xx (this will be mentioned in my next broadcast)

Gordon request is for my love, Karen, get well soon, we all love you very much and just for you Karen here’s Shirley Bassey and Kiss Me Honey Honey (Kiss Me)

Hi Pickwiz. James, Please could you play a very special request for my Mam & Dad at this Christmas Time? We miss them both very much. Their favourite Artist and tune were performed by Mario Lanza singing Ave Maria. could you play this, please?

History: Tom Jones covered the song for the soundtrack of the 1997 British film The Full Monty and is included in the subsequent 2013 play of the same name. As a medley with Hot Chocolate’s You Sexy Thing and Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff, the track reached Number 62 in the UK Charts in 1998, under the title The Full Monty – Monster Mix.

History: The Pogues were an English or Anglo-Irish Celtic punk band fronted by Shane MacGowan and others, founded in Kings Cross, London in 1982, as “Pogue Mahone” – the anglicisation of the Irish Gaelic póg mo thóin, meaning “kiss my arse”.

History: “Kingston Town” is a 1970 song by Lord Creator released as a single on producer Clancy Eccles’ Clandisc label. It was also recorded in 1989 by reggae group UB40

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