Blondie – Sunday Girl 1978

Written by on 7 March 2021

“Sunday Girl” is a song recorded by the American new wave band Blondie, from the band’s 1978 album Parallel Lines. Written by guitarist Chris Stein, the song was inspired by Debbie Harry’s cat, who was named Sunday Man—the cat had recently run away, inspiring the song’s “plaintive” nature.

“Sunday Girl” was released as the follow-up single to the band’s number one hit single, “Heart of Glass,” in the UK and Europe (though not in the US). The single was a number 1 hit in the UK and Ireland and reached the top ten in several European countries. It has since seen critical acclaim and has been included on several compilation albums.

“Sunday Girl” was written solely by Blondie guitarist Chris Stein. Stein recalled, “I wrote that one all by myself, but I was so nervous about having my own song, I asked [Debbie Harry] to put her name on it. … We left [the credit] to me in the long run.” Stein wrote the song for Harry’s cat, who was named Sunday Man. Stein explained, “The cat ran away we were very sad. It was just a sort of plaintive, evocative number.”

The early demo of the song had impressed producer Mike Chapman, who was initially wary of the band’s sloppy performing. This early demo featured a Latin-influenced arrangement, which would transform into a more pop-inspired performance on the final album. Like Blondie’s earlier single, “Hanging on the Telephone”, the drumming pattern of “Sunday Girl” employs a double backbeat rhythm.

Blondie recorded a French-language version of the track. This version was released in the UK on the “Sunday Girl” 12″ single; in France and the Netherlands, it was the B-side of the 7″. It also appears on the cassette release of Eat to the Beat. For Blondie’s first greatest hits album The Best of Blondie in 1981, producer Mike Chapman created a special mix which incorporated one verse sung in French. The bilingual version appears on the 2002 compilation Greatest Hits.

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