Session Two / Punk and New Wave Classics

Written by on 11 May 2021

Session Two / Punk and New Wave Classics

Session Two / Punk and New Wave Classics

The punk subculture emerged in the United Kingdom in the mid-1970s. Exactly which region originated punk has long been a matter of controversy within the movement. Early punk had an abundance of antecedents and influences. Since World War II, Jon Savage describes the subculture as a “bricolage” of almost every previous youth culture in the Western world, “stuck together with safety pins”.

Various musical, philosophical, political, literary and artistic movements influenced the subculture.

In the late 1970s, the subculture began to diversify, which led to the proliferation of factions such as new wave, post-punk, 2 Tone, pop-punk, hardcore punk, no wave, street punk and Oi!. Hardcore punk, street punk and Oi! sought to do away with the frivolities introduced in the later years of the original punk movement.

The punk subculture influenced other underground music scenes such as alternative rock, indie music, crossover thrash, and extreme subgenres of heavy metal (mainly thrash metal, death metal, speed metal NWOBHM).

A new movement in the United States became visible in the early and mid-1990s that sought to revive the punk movement, doing away with hardcore trappings.

Session Two Tracklist
01 – London Calling – The Clash
02 – Automatic Lover – The Vibrators
03 – Swords of a Thousand Men – Tenpole Tudor
04 – Go Wild In The Country – Bow Bow Bow
05 – Into The Valley – The Skids
06 – Top of the Pops – The Rezillos
07 – 2-4-6-8 Motorway – The Tom Robinson Band
08 – Blank Generation – Richard Hell and The Voidoids
09 – Ça plane pour Moi – Plastic Bertrand
10 – Is Vic There? – Department S

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